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If Esther Hicks Began Channelling Abraham From THEO's Inspiration...
What Can YOU Create?

Achieve Optimum Health

Tap Into Your Magnificence

Know What 2013 Holds for You

Embrace True Wholeness

Thrive in Relationships


This collection of THEO’s wisdom and guidance not only helps you cope but to thrive in this lifetime. This is the most transformative time in human history and YOU have the opportunity to make the most of each and every moment. That’s right, combine this life-changing insight with your natural gifts and abilities to inspire peace on the planet and bring true abundance into your world!

With her explanations of what you are experiencing and why you have chosen to be here to help usher in this new world, you have the ability to lead an utterly amazing life and transform this planet.

THEO Shared that "This is a time of great creativity.” and asked that all humanity “Take advantage of this time, go within, be clear about what you want, for it will surely manifest." These selfless words are born of the same miraculous guidance that you receive in every part of this generous special offer.

Optimum Health, Integrated Soul - Mind, Body and Spirit

RETAIL VALUE: $97 - Available as Digital Download or Hard Copy

The health of our physical body is so important to having a joyous life and many of us experience physical challenges when we're out of balance. In this informative discussion, THEO guides us with information to learn how to better listen and understand our bodies and what we need to balance our lives—emotionally, physically, and spiritually, in turn helping us to lead our most healthful, happy and optimum life.

Rid yourself of the belief that you must feel better

Know that you can overcome anything that comes your way

Know how to improve your health and lead a healthier and more fulfilling life

THEO wants all of us to know that,

Being fully present and in your life experience is important and the body is the incarnational gift. Health is an awareness of the physical structure and what it needs. Healing is ultimately manifesting balance or wholeness through integrating body, mind and spirit.

When you Love and fully integrate the Self, all things are possible. Optimum Health lets you do just that!

Item 2: The Future - Grand Paradigm Shifts

RETAIL VALUE: $97 - Available as Digital Download or Hard Copy

For the past 4 decades THEO and Sheila Gillette, author and acclaimed direct voice channel of THEO, have been speaking about this extraordinary evolutionary period of enlightenment, a culmination of many years of spiritual awakening across the world. Many of us are searching to understand the energy shift about us and our planet, often feeling overwhelmed and confused. Listen as THEO describes these grand paradigm shifts, what we can expect moving forward in this new enlightened world, and better yet how to thrive in this time of awakening.

“Beings will see the unlimitness to the mind. So there would be great things changed, advanced upon, but more importantly, what one sees is the innate capabilities of humankind to love. That is the greatest change of all, is it not?” ~THEO

In the mid-1970’s, the arch-angelic group called THEO began speaking through direct voice medium Sheila Gillette about 2012 and the beginning of 1000 years of peace.

THEO has continued to discuss this time as an evolutionary period of enlightenment. As the culmination of many years of spiritual awakening across the planet, THEO invites humanity to take personal responsibility for their actions and intentions.

We are all currently experiencing a historical shift of consciousness.

As THEO says, "It's an exciting time to be alive for the consciousness expansion in the human experience."

We are now witness to this new global vibrational shift – this new world; politically, economically, and culturally, due to the vibrational shifts of our planet and in each one of us.

When one becomes fully aware of their capabilities and the acceptance of one’s divinity and perfection, the expansion that happens is rapid. One cannot perceive in the conscious mind now what is to come. There are great blessings.

Owning Your Power, Discover Your Mastery

RETAIL VALUE: $97 - Available as Digital Download or Hard Copy

Our soul perfectly brings us experiences that are for our highest learning. Situations and circumstances do not define us. These opportunities for growth help us develop strength and compassion, identify and integrate fragmented aspects of the soul and enable us to rediscover our own divinity.

Rather than asking “why me?” instead ask the self “What do I have to learn from this?” or “What can I do differently?”

These questions allow us to remove ourselves from a place of victimization and to shift into empowerment. THEO teaches us that we are all awakening to the masters that we are by bringing home the fragmented aspects of self that have veiled our recognition of the divinity that we are. THEO says,

For to be fully integrated on the soul level fully aware of who you are, you are enlightened. For then there is the lightness of heart, the lightness of being, the wholeness of being. Total Acceptance... it is that which is fulfilment of Heart, Joy, Peace

Come into full soul integration and realize that abundance is all around you. YOU are worthy of all your dreams and desires.

To solidify the beauty of what we are about to experience, THEO explained that: "All humanity will have the abilities of multidimensional experiences, not limited only to the Earth, not limited only to this physical form. So, when one becomes fully aware of their capabilities and the acceptance of one's divinity and perfection that is, the expansion that happens is rapid. One cannot perceive in the conscious mind now what is to come. There are great blessings."

Relationships, The New Paradigm

RETAIL VALUE: $97 - Available as Digital Download or Hard Copy

In this beautiful course on relationships, THEO discusses topics like soul mates, twin flames, spiritual partnering, compassionate separation and So Much More.

The importance of relationships is unbelievably profound. In fact, THEO explains that

It is a blessing to remember, acknowledge and feel the ever presence of your soul connectivity to one another. Your soul family is ever present whether in your body or not. The soul energy, the connection of continuation you might say, is a blessing.

Grow your consciousness

Create balance in all areas of your relationships

See how to take responsibility for your own emotional maturity

and Learn to appreciate your relationships like never before

Of all the questions asked of Sheila and THEO over the past four decades, questions about relationships have always been some of the most pressing. And throughout this time, THEO has spoken of this grand shift including a new way of being in relationship.

Welcome in a new paradigm built out of love rather than need.

By definition, humans are relationship animals, driven by emotions and evolving from relationships we have with ourselves and with each other.

Answer These Essential Questions and More:

Why is the relationship with the self so important?

How do we discover our role
within the creation of healthy or not-so-healthy relationships?

How do we create the most healthy and happy love
with our partner and all those we love?

What if we’ve outgrown a relationship?

When is it time to nurture and when to move on?

Let THEO support you in developing the healthy and fulfilling relationships you’ve been longing for.

THEO Guided Meditation, Health in Balance

RETAIL VALUE: $27 - Available as Digital Download or Hard Copy

THEO has explained that

Health is an awareness of the physical structure and is truly what it needs. As a result, healing is ultimately manifesting balance or wholeness by integrating and interconnecting body, mind and spirit.

The THEO Guided Meditation provides you with an experience infused with THEO's specific choice of words and the heightened vibrational frequency as they are spoken. In addition, this is the first meditation with Jonn Serrie's (Artist from What the Bleep and many other notable projects) THEO-inspired background music. You use both allopathic and naturopathic forms of support to come into balance and have THEO there the whole way as a patient guide and understanding teacher.

It is important to utilize the models that recognize the body, mind and spirit in their process and that you, as an individual leading the way, to balance the self. Daily meditation is a crucial part of life success and this guided meditation is a wonderful addition to each day.

The Wisdom of THEO, The Path to Wholeness

RETAIL VALUE: $67 - Available as Digital Download or Hard Copy

THEO shared that humanity must understand

This is a time of great creativity. Take advantage of this time, go within, be clear about what you want for it will surely manifest.

So many are searching to understand the energy shift about us and may be feeling overwhelmed and confused.

What is at the core of having the abundance, health, love, joy and peace in your life you’re seeking? THEO says it starts with the Law of Attraction and the belief our thoughts hold the power of creation and then THEO goes a step deeper to explain the true key is in our ability to receive.

Dive into the most powerful Ask THEO Live radio shows to assist you on your path. This 6 CD (or 6 MP3) collection includes inspiring conversations with THEO, Sheila, Marcus and their audience, providing examples of real-world challenges and inspiring solutions.

Engaging Your Angels - Connecting with and getting support
from the guidance about you.

Guilt - Why do we feel guilt and how can we discover the underlying truth of our soul?

Changing Beliefs - What created your core beliefs
and how can you change them to improve your life?

Sexuality - Sacred sexuality and the beauty of physical connection.

Soul Family - We incarnate in groups to support each other's growth time after time.

Money - What is your belief about money and does money hold energy?

And as a BONUS OFFER you also receive 4 Ask THEO Live radio shows:

  • Meditation and Illumination
  • Discover the Gift - THEO and Special Guest Jennifer McLean
  • God - Source - Self
  • Music - THEO and Special Guest Jonn Serrie

That’s right, this special collection includes:

4 Fantastic and brand new in-depth discussions with THEO
on topics that affect every day,

a selection of 6 of the BEST of Ask THEO Live shows, a brand new THEO guided meditation with music provided by Jonn Serrie,

AND 4 BONUS un-cut audios designed to assist you to make the most of 2013.

Join millions of others who are dedicated to creating a shift on this planet and start a movement that will positively impact all of humanity.

This year is one of the most magnificent opportunities in human history to capitalize on your existence as a Divine Being. Through this special offer, THEO is enabling you to do just that. And what’s more, you are able to take all of this truly amazing content home with you for an unheard of price that is nearly 80% off!

YOU get to choose how you will receive these works and YOU get to decide how many ways you’ll be able to enjoy THEO’s gifts to you. You can either download the MP3 versions of each and every one of these products then listen on your computer, MP3 player, phone, or other digital device, OR you can have the CD’s as well.

Take a moment and consider when you have the most time to yourself.

Do you commute to work?

Do you have time to wind down at the end of the day?

Do you run or take walks for exercise?

Now, think about how you can grow your body, mind and spirit by listening to these tracks. Does your car have a CD player, do you have a home-stereo or do you run with your phone in hand?

Make the decision that best fits your lifestyle and begin the transformation today.

This special offer is for your benefit, make the most of it.

This offer has expired, but you can find THEO / Sheila Gillette and many other transformative speakers and programs by joining
MasterWorks Healing Membership Site.

“One of the best gifts honestly for me in the year 2011 was meeting Sheila and Marcus Gillette and THEO. And getting to know about your work and seeing the difference you’re making in the world and people’s lives. I’ve been in this work for almost 35 years and to meet you this year has been such a gift!”

~Mary Morrissey Best Selling Author, Speaker and Consultant

“THEO's wisdom is direct, clear, and uplifting. Anyone who takes these teachings to heart will advance spiritually and enjoy deeper peace and enriched relationships with Spirit, self and others. I am grateful that this voice of higher truth is touching many people through the dedicated service of Sheila and Marcus.”

~Alan Cohen – Bestselling author of I Had it All the Time, and many other books

“I’ve come to learn that what you can use to gage if people are really giving something valuable is simply the quality of the information that they give. And you give a very high quality of information.”

~Gary Renard – author of the bestselling The Disappearance of the Universe

“It is always enlightening when you find the real deal: honest and informative information, cutting edge truth, and delivered with love and empowerment. This is Sheila Gillette, who channels Theo. I trust her, her love, and the greatness of the message that comes through her. She is, in every way, the real deal.”

~Dee Wallace – Actor, Healer and Best Selling Author

“It has been a true blessing in my life to experience THEO. The clarity and compassion that comes forth when they speak is awe inspiriting. For the past 20 years I have worked with many channels and I feel THEO’s messages are incredibly direct, uplifting and healing. What a gift.”

~Robin Rose – Co-Creator and Coordinator, The Universal Lightworkers/Spiritual Awakenings Conference

"THEO offers incredibly inspiring, authentic, and usable information.... this is VERY high vibrating material, that will take you to a new dimension within --creating new realities outside yourself."

~Jennifer McLean – Host of Healing with the Masters

"As Executive Producer and host of Conscious Media Network I'm regularly exposed to high levels of intellect and esoteric knowledge, much of it of great value. The work of Sheila and the Theo group, however, brings an even deeper level of truth and mature spiritual understanding that strikes me to the core of my own sense of higher truth. Theo communicates with clarity, compassion, directness and integrity, which, I feel, is what people are craving in these chaotic times. Theo provides a calm port for our mind and emotions in which to consider our lives in a new way."

~Regina Meredith

“Sheila & Marcus Gillette are conducting amazing work on the planet. Their sincerity and commitment is so visible and profound. I deeply enjoyed, not only interviewing them for both 11:11 Magazine & 11:11 Talk Radio, but it was also a pleasure hosting them at the Believe Center, where we had individuals from 10 states in attendance.”

~Simran Singh – Publisher of 11:11 Magazine & Host of 11:11 Talk Radio

“I experienced the level of spiritual truth flowing through Theo’s remarks to be of the highest and purest quality. Theo’s understanding of all subjects is very insightful and right on the mark. Sheila Gillette delivers Theo’s extremely helpful information with heart, clarity, simplicity and precision. Sheila, Marcus and Theo offer a profound and life-changing service to all who partake of the wisdom of Sheila’s channeling.”

~Keith Varnum, Founder, The Dream Workshops

About THEO / Sheila Gillette:

Do you remember the story Esther Hicks told about how she got started with Abraham? She had seen Sheila who channeled THEO and the rest is history. Sheila will be here now offering her channeled wisdoms to all of us…

Unparalleled to any time in history, humanity finds itself in the midst of extreme polarities and rapidly changing times. Many are asking themselves, "How can the human race possibly survive such environmental destruction, economic devastation, political corruption and deep-rooted social problems?," "What does all this mean?," and "What will become of our planet?" There's an urgency to these challenges and yet some sense an unprecedented opportunity to create a global vision founded on peace, prosperity and compassion.

Answers to these questions have come for several decades from a perhaps unlikely source: the collective voice of twelve angelic beings channeled through renowned spiritual medium, Sheila Gillette. For four decades, this group known together as THEO has been explaining modern paradoxes and seemingly insurmountable challenges. As Sheila and her husband, Marcus, have realized through THEO's teachings, our world is undergoing a profound spiritual upheaval, the result of which will be the dissolution of tired political, economic and social systems and the emergence of a better way of life for all people.

By learning to access the realms where miracles are created, you can join the millions of ordinary people now having extraordinary experiences. Sheila has been the direct voice channel for THEO since 1969, spreading THEO's message in workshops, seminars, and group and private counseling sessions.