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‘There has to be a better way' THERE IS, here’s how: [Affiliate Link here]

Understand and contribute to the planet & human evolution here: [Affiliate Link here]

You’re about to experience newfound hope through THE BOND: [Affiliate Link here]

Discover a practical way to fundamentally change your life – THE BOND... [Affiliate Link here]

Change your home, neighborhood, community, town & the planet here: [Affiliate Link here]

The Fairness Campaign Summit~the ambition of nothing less than a new and fairer world [Affiliate Link here]

We will show you a new agenda for change: [Affiliate Link here]

Learn the most cutting-edge info from physicists, biologists, and psychologists: [Affiliate Link here]

Join us for a special 21-day event going deep into the space that creates YOUR bond: [Affiliate Link here]

A place to discover your life, love, abundance, accomplishment and more - The Fairness Campaign Summit: [Affiliate Link here]

The Fairness Campaign Summit is here to put that virtue back into the center of our lives & communities: [Affiliate Link here]

The most powerful line up of speakers ever assembled –The Fairness Campaign summit FREE [Affiliate Link here]

Marianne Williamson, Jack Canfield, Steven Covey & host Lynne McTaggart invite you to join them in creating a better world [Affiliate Link here]

The world’s thought leaders are getting together for summit to shape a new blueprint for change, for a better, fairer world [Affiliate Link here]

Author Lynne McTaggart, The Bond, is setting the agenda for fairness for the next 21 days [Affiliate Link here]

Fairness Summit~Jack Canfield, Steven Covey and Ivan Miser discussing Fairness from the perspective of Business [Affiliate Link here]

Fairness Summit~Marianne Williamson & Michael Bernard Beckwith offering their perceptions of Fairness from Spirituality: [Affiliate Link here]

Fairness Summit~Barbara Marx Hubbbard will be discussing Fairness & the future of evolution,

Fairness Summit~Jean Houston conversing on Fairness an our country [Affiliate Link here]

Fairness Summit~Janet Attwood sharing about Fairness & igniting Passion

Fairness Summit~Gay & Katie Hendricks delivering techniques for Fairness in relationships [Affiliate Link here]

Fairness Summit~Arjuna Ardagh fairness and YOUR divine purpose [Affiliate Link here]

Fairness Summit~Hale Dwoskin fairness to YOU [Affiliate Link here]

Fairness Summit~Marci Shimoff & Howard Martin fairness through love and happiness [Affiliate Link here]

Fairness Summit~Paul Scheele Fairness and human genius [Affiliate Link here]

Fairness Summit~Katherine Woodward Thomas sharing about fairness and women [Affiliate Link here]

Fairness Summit~Eric Pearl and David Gruder fairness and healing [Affiliate Link here]


What matters is not the isolated entity, but the space between things, the relationship of things~The Bond [Affiliate Link here]

Competition~We’ve been living in a way that’s against our own nature, even against every cell in our bodies: [Affiliate Link here]

The Fairness Campaign Summit ~ what would a better way look like? [Affiliate Link here]

The Fairness Campaign Summit - We know there has to be a better way – but what?  [Affiliate Link here]

YOU have a unique and important role to play in planetary changes: [Affiliate Link here]


Capture & transform solar energy like plants do, mankind's future energy needs would be forever secure [Affiliate Link here]

We can understand the big things by seeking out and naming the little things [Affiliate Link here]

Life exists because of a duality~a multiplicity of influence and being, a cooperative partnership [Affiliate Link here]

Our Bond between out inner and outer worlds is so powerful it can compensate for a bad genetic hand [Affiliate Link here]

One of the greatest of environmental switches may be the quality of our Bond with a social group [Affiliate Link here]

In collectivistic societies, such as those of East Asia, higher value is placed on social harmony than individuality [Affiliate Link here]

The relationship between a living thing & its environment is a two-way, ongoing fluid conversation - a relationship for life [Affiliate Link here]

We’re a balance of internal & external influences, early & late programming, transformed by the influence of every moment [Affiliate Link here]

‘Self' is only a physical manifestation of our experience, the summation of our Bond with the universe [Affiliate Link here]

We live within a cosmic Bond of complex interrelationships and constant flux [Affiliate Link here]

The Earth, its inhabitants, and all the other planets around us exist within a sphere of collective influence, resonating in unison [Affiliate Link here]



Fairness Campaign~People are losing their homes while the mortgage brokers are back making massive bonuses [Affiliate Link here]

Fairness Campaign Summit~More than at any time, most feel that life isn’t fair [Affiliate Link here]

Fairness Campaign~People are losing their jobs yet manufacturers set up shop in other parts of the world [Affiliate Link here]

Fairness Campaign~People are losing social benefits paying higher taxes while bankers, are creaming off vast profits [Affiliate Link here]

Fairness Campaign~Applying Fairness principles  to activate in your life RIGHT NOW: [Affiliate Link here]

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Marianne Williamson, Jack Canfield, Steven Covey, Michael Beckwith (21 total contributors) – and your host, Lynne McTaggart – invite you to join them in creating a better country, a better world. YOU have a unique and important role to play in the major changes that are taking place right now on our planet and in human evolution. Join “The Bond Teleclass & The Fairness Campaign” F*R*E*E for 21-days of change. [PLACE YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE]




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