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THE BOND Teleclass & The Fairness Campaign Summit Program


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Here you will find all the information you need to generate GENEROUS COMMISSIONS for yourself by simply promoting THE BOND Teleclass & The Fairness Campaign Summit program to your list.

The 6-Class Teleclass series that Lynne is offering combined with the Speakers Summit - The Fairness Campaign will be one of the largest programs of the summer and will help you generate some serious commissions!

Lynne will be guiding your subscribers through an amazing curriculum of her cutting edge materials in The Bond Teleclass, THEN they will be guided to a new understanding of "fairness" through The Fairness Campaign Summit, that includes the biggest names in the human potential and new thought movement.

Produced by the company that creates Healing With The Masters...



  • Produces Healing With The Masters, The telesummit that shares $300,000 in commission each season with affiliates.
  • Gives away the most coveted "highest grossing" affiliate prizes
  • One of THE trusted and renowned brands in the industry

Here is your opportunity to:

  • Earn remarkable commissions on all upgrades of the series ($43.50/$48.50, $48.50/$53.50 and $68.50/$78.50 commissions).
  • Receive ongoing commission checks for those that purchase during the Teleclass and Summit Series AND for those who purchase any future series produced by McLean MasterWorks (INCLUDING HEALING WITH THE MASTERS).
  • Earn an extra 15% second-tier commission on sales generated by affiliates YOU refer to us for THIS program.
  • Share the amazing free information from this POWERFUL and high profile program with all of your email subscribers.
  • Join the wave of spreading a new way of being in the world - discovering The Bond with all.


series details

Lynne McTaggart approached McLean MasterWorks to produce this unique high profile event. Knowing our experience creating powerful and life changing online and real world programs, they partnered with us to bring Lynne's new content found her her just release book THE BOND to a broader audience.

The Bond especially shows us that we are strong when we unite - we are weak when we compete. Many of us are saying 'There has to be a better way,' and THERE IS....

The Bond provides a message of hope, inspiration - and a practical way to change, starting with your home, then your neighborhood, your community, your town. The Bond is setting the agenda for that change.

It demonstrates that we have been living in a way that is against our own nature, against every cell in our body.

For centuries, Western science and many Western cultures have taught us to think of ourselves as individuals. But today, a revolutionary new understanding is emerging from the laboratories of the most cutting-edge physicists, biologists, and psychologists:

What matters is not the isolated entity, but the space between things, the relationship of things -- The Bond.

We hope that you will join us as our partner promoting this very special two week event where each night Lynne McTaggart will guide us deep into the exploration of the space that creates a bond... to life, love, abundance, accomplishment.

We will also be exploring a new paradigm that is falling out of The Bond material -- "The Fairness Campaign" that the brightest leaders in new thought and human potential are going to be sharing in the Summit portion of the program.

We expect over 200,000 active participants in the series and know you will contribute to that volume of listeners. This group of like minded individuals act as a community of change... as each individual shifts into their higher vibration through the material presented, and THAT moves the world.


Participants register for free, by doing so they can listen to the live calls for free AND for 48 HOURS* to the recorded versions absolutely free.

*This 48 hour time frame is a differentiator from most series out there where only a 24-hour listening period is available (I want as many as possible to experience this program, and I have also consequently found that adding this extra time builds loyalty and promotes sales conversion for YOU).

Upon registering audience members are directed to an "upgrade page" where they are encouraged to purchase and own THE BOND Teleclass & Summit in one of three available audio options:


Participants can own the entire 6 classes Lynn is offering of The Bond Teleclass series AND of each speaker's show, as part of the "Fairness Campaign." Customers who purchase can listen at their leisure on their computers "on demand."


Downloadable Mp3s of the 6 classes Lynne is offering of The Bond Teleclass series AND of each speaker's show as part of the Fairness Campaign Summit to listen at their leisure on their computers or on their iPods.

Full CD Sets:

Both the full CDs of the 6 classes Lynne is offering of The Bond Teleclass series AND the entire CD set of each speaker's shows as part of The Fairness Campaign Summit to listen at their leisure on their CD players. As a bonus they will also receive
Downloadable Mp3s of each show PLUS downloadable transcripts.

This is your chance to not only get this high resonating energy into the hands of MANY more people thus raising the vibration of the planet BUT ALSO generate a healthy commission check by doing so!

We Share 50% of the Gross Revenues With You!

This is one of the most generous affiliate programs out there giving you HALF of the net revenues (50% of gross) from all those who purchase from your list.

We also share 15% second tier affiliate commissions from those affiliates you invite to the program... imagine if your affiliates generate $20,000 in revenues YOU earned an easy $3000!

AND, you will receive and average of $1/click AND $1.90 PER LEAD!!!

...If you see average results on your promotion to your list, you can generate 1000 clicks to our opt-in page -- then you would receive a $1,000 check!

Most programs offer commissions of 20%, 30% some of the better ones offer commissions of 40% of net sales. This is one of the few programs that give you 50% of gross sales.  

AND you will earn an ADDITIONAL 15% commission on all those affiliates who you invite to this page and they sign up under you!

Here is how the affiliate commissions work...


You will send an email to your list within the week prior to the program start... the official opening to customer registration is July 17, 2011, the event starts on July 25.

All you have to do is let your subscribers know about the event from July 17 right through to the end of the series in August.

(FYI, you will also have access to the special promo email, Tweets, Facebook posts and graphics we have created for you to send/use with your list, followers, friends and customers.)

Here's what we recommend:

Step 1 - Send out a solo email to your followers anytime between July 17 - July 25.

Step 2 - Send out a second solo email or paragraph message to your email list anytime after after July 17 through to the close of the program August 10 reminding them that the event is ongoing and they still have a lot of content to experience.

Step 3 - Send out one more solo email (optional) reminding them that the event has begun and that they should register to ensure they don't miss any of the classes or speakers.

NOTE: if you are getting this later than the July 17 launch date even half
way through the series, no worries, send now and your subscribers will be thankful!

The more you send the more your list will respond... the old advertising adage is 7 points of reference (meaning email promos, Facebook twitter etc) for your folks to act.

Let's recap why this is YOUR easiest and smartest business venture that will benefit both YOU and your SUBSCRIBERS...

Our team has a proven track record with the success of the 7 seasons of Healing With The Masters, MasterWorks Healing Memberships site and The Life Mastery Series of events. (Many affiliates generate sales in the $4,000 - $6,000 range with some of the top affiliates making $20,000 or more.)
You'll earn great commissions on all sales that come from your list of the $87/$97, $97/$107 an $137/$157 Upgrade options
You'll  continue to earn 50% (gross) commissions indefinitely on future sales from anyone on your list registered to our list and purchases any products through McLean MasterWorks, including Healing With The Masters and the Life Mastery Series. We send thousands of dollars to non-active affiliates years after as their registered subscribers continue to purchase.
We value your support. We cookie your leads for the majority of our products that we own and sell, both now and in the future.
Your subscribers will love you when they get to attend this Free online event with life changing content and a powerful list of speakers.
You get to share with your list the remarkable techniques and practices Lynne will be delivering as well as what the speakers share that will give massive value to your subscribers -- and loyalty to YOU.
You'll earn 15% second tier commissions for sales generated from affiliates you refer to us!


If you have any questions please email  us at support@mcleanmasterworks.com


(the links below
will work at that time so reference this page again closer to launch)

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Jennifer McLean: A part time healer for more than 18 years Jennifer matched her dichotomous careers as a marketing and business strategist AND her part time healing practice to create a unique business opportunity... using sound business practices to create an online health and wellness empire.

The ultimate goal is to act as a conduit and an amplifier to share her and others sacred inspirations and visions on a large scale to encourage and empower shifts in perception for increased global consciousness. Jennifer through McLean MasterWorks is committed to the growth and evolvement of those who interact with the company and its products and services... nurturing all of our unique human potential and creating forgiveness, release, financial abundance and joy along the way. McLean MasterWorks and Jennifer share new models of consciousness shining the light of “the art of life mastery” to all.


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