The Real Secret of MORE:Panache Desai's Master Class in Vibrational Possibility MasterWorks Healing Membership Site July 10 - 13


Something so powerful is preparing to unfold that will shift your life so dramatically that those closest to you will be begging for the secret to your new way of being.

  • More Money - Now
  • Increased Health and Vitality - Immediately
  • Better Relationships - Starting In This Moment
  • A Life That Works - Beginning Today

It is no accident that you are here reading these words.

Take a moment right now... feel the energetic possibilities of what is to come by attending this TOTALLY FREE Online Master Class in vibrational possibility.

You are an infinite being, powerful beyond belief, vibrant beyond limitation, prosperous beyond measure and loved beyond description...

Through Panache's energetic gift of Vibrational Transformation, he will be delivering into your being an infinitely expanding set of vibrational tools and technologies designed to support you in moving into the life of your dreams.

In this master class you will be empowered to expand your frequency into greater states of possibility while being authentically empowered to sit in the driver's seat of your own destiny.

ARE YOU FEELING THE ENERGETIC POSSIBILITY even these words are delivering to you?

Imagine, shattering the illusions of limitation, less than, and a life that just somehow falls short. With each online master class, the vibrational heaviness, or density that keeps you contracted begins to dissipate as Panache lovingly guides you to integrate every aspect of your past.

As an infinite being you are all energies, all emotions and all experiences. Kiss judgment good-bye. Begin to flow with life. As you gain vibrational clarity you gracefully attract possibility.

On July 10 - 13, Join Panache on MasterWorks Healing Membership Site for 4 calls delivering experiential empowerment, surprising insights, powerful integrations, and limitless vibrational possibility offered with infectious joy and fun.

If you're ready to receive The Real Secret of More, while drawing to you the vibrational resonance of authenticity that will profoundly increase how you meet life then you're ready to receive all that the Universe and its Unlimited Field of potential has in store for you.

Imagine yourself on July 14 living in a completely new energetic vibration of MORE, experiencing the vibrational possibility of what YOU can now accomplish.

Panache's magic comes from spending layered time with him. With each additional moment of time in his presence you increase your vibration.

This Master class gives you 4 chances to be in the miraculous energy of Panache, building the energy through each class to open you to more money, expanded relationships, vibration health, and a life that now makes sense and really works.

I have never experienced anything quite like Panache and the miracles his high frequency energy has opened in those that listen, participate and engage with him. It is like watching a modern day prophet illustrate through example, insight, and sheer energetic force, the light, power and love that we each are. If you are ready to move to the next highest levels of dimensional being then join this master class with Panache. Can you feel it... it has already started (and its FREE!). ~ Jennifer McLean, Host Healing With The Masters, Facilitator of MasterWorks Healing Membership Site

  • Dates: July 10 - 13 (replays available for 48 hours)
  • Time: 4 PM Pacific/California Time, 7PM Eastern/New York Time Each Night (PLUS 48 HOUR REPLAYS for each show)
  • Location: Online through MasterWorks Healing Membership Site (please note you DO NOT need to log in to experience this master class this part of the membership site will be open for this series)

Just register below and watch your life transform.