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These are some of our most powerful transformational products that have made THE difference for thousands of individuals and are here now for you to do the same.

Have you been feeling a little disconnected, like life doesn’t have as much meaning as it used to?

Have you almost given up on the chronic challenges of your life, whether it’s relationships, money or health?

Are you ready to throw your hand up and say, “I just don’t get what I need to do to change this?”

The time-tested products offered on this page deliver...

  • The Most Powerful Clearings
  • The Most Advanced Transformations
  • The Most Popular Programs
  • The Most Proven Healings...

Packaged together to deliver the biggest and most rock bottom-priced set of healing products we have ever offered.

These are products that directly address the daily issues of living a happy, grounded, successful life.

Through this exclusive offer, you will experience a deep, energetic clearing of the old beliefs, perceptions, ways of thinking, and trauma-based emotions...

Imagine... living each moment with:

  • Cleared and balanced chakras,
  • Healed relationships,
  • A deeper understanding of men,
  • More money,
  • Instant sound vibration healing,
  • The mastery of your life patterns, and so much more

...everything above is found in this powerful package.


So, let’s take this even deeper... and picture a time in the upcoming weeks...

Where you are able to get exactly what you need from any male partner.

You receive what you want in a way that actually serves all.

You now experience stable, powerful, happy and meaningful relationships.

That is what you can expect through the “Understand Men With Jenn” product that is part of this package.


You dive deep into an understanding and profound clearing and activating of your chakras.

Tapping into the deep well of healing as you feel your emotions soften and confidence rising in response to your newly balanced and active chakras, which are the emotional centers of your being.

Then your organs, which surround and are influenced by each chakra, now move into renewed health and balance.

The glandular system in your body, which resonates to different chakras, now pings at the highest levels of functionality with this clearing and healing.

All of life can now flow with powerful manifestation as you resonate with newfound capacities, witnessing opportunities flow easily to you as a result.

That’s what you will receive from the “Chakra Healing Sound Vibration and Spontaneous Transformation” Product found in this package.


A series of foundational, manifest-building, healthy, internal blueprint-creating, happiness-generating Spontaneous Transformation sessions.

Healing sessions that take you on your most powerful journey of transformation, re-patterning and transmogrification...

You simply won’t be the same after these amazing audio healing sessions.

That is what you’ll experience in Jennifer’s Planet of the Heart Manifestation Session, The Pain Body, The Divine Body Blueprint Experience workshops.

These are a set of powerful Spontaneous Transformations that set into motion layer upon layer of powerful healing energies.

These are the MOST powerful and popular of our Spontaneous Transformation sessions... the ones that made the biggest difference for those who participated in them.

These are the ones that we are so confident could change it all for you, that we almost offered JUST this one product.

With just this one product (that is now IN ADDITION to all the others mentioned above), you are about to experience energetically-activated sessions to take you on the deepest healing, energizing and paradigm changing transformation possible.

Again, just from this one product, we are so excited at who you are about to become... someone who can finally say they feel good, have a sense of winning at life, moving from joy and leaving pain and suffering behind.


Going to the deepest internal places of mastery.

Then tapping into and truly seeing the patterns of your soul so clearly, that your life now seems to make sense.

...So deeply, that you can now tug at the “strings” of these soul patterns and re-work them, massage them, re-pattern them to create a whole new platform of living.

A platform of soul experiences that now come from a place of ease and/or grace of deep inner knowing...

And with that knowing, a profound sense of inner peace, calm, relief and SAFETY.

This is yours from Jennifer’s “Soul Threads” program - also part of this EXCLUSIVE Special Offer package.

On top of what’s been mentioned above, you’ll also receive...

A Note from Jennifer


WOW... I’m so grateful that you are on this page...

There is something that called to you and you are right now in a place of listening. It is why you are reading these words.

So, act right now while you’re on this page to be sure to receive all these miraculous healing products...

And remember, each of these products are designed with powerful energy-coded frequencies to change your life!

Thanks for the privilege of playing with you in this remarkable life adventure, and enjoy the next evolution through this EXCLUSIVE offer.



What you will receive...

Transformation # 1 - Understand Men With Jenn

 (Retail Value $347)

This is your chance to MAKE SENSE OF MEN!

This is your opportunity to build the relationships you’ve always wanted.

You are about to erase all disappointment and confusion when it comes to interacting with men.

Imagine loving every moment by discovering riches in relationships beyond your wildest dreams.

Yep, now you can truly “Make sense of men” while also discovering remarkable new things about yourself.

In fact, you can take this profoundly transforming material and go beyond just relating with and to men, but also change your relationship with yourself... and all.

This is your chance to live in harmony with all of humanity.

Jump in and play with the sacred and supportive energies of this world as Jennifer McLean leads you through a series of profoundly eye-opening workshops.

YOU reap all the benefits of her year-long study and dedication as an apprentice to Alison Armstrongs’s life-changing material through PAX.

Play, Dance, Sing and GROW through Jennifer’s commitment to understanding the Masculine and Feminine.

About Alison Armstrong’s PAX:

PAX is passionate about altering our society’s culture by transforming the way women relate to men. They provide extraordinary information with which women can profoundly affect their relationships with men of all ages and in all circumstances.

They are dedicated to having this priceless information in the hearts and minds of one million women. They intend to accomplish this with fun, integrity, intelligence, courage, and in partnership with both masculine and feminine forms of power.

Through Jennifer’s yearlong apprentice relationship with PAX you know receive this quantum leap in consciousness and healing about men, women and YOU.

Topics Include:

  • Module 1- Listening to Learn
  • Module 2 - The Effects of Safety
  • Module 3 - Attraction & Chemistry
  • Module 4 - Overcoming and Using Criticism
  • Module 5 - Protector/Provider Support/Enhancer
  • Module 6 - Emasculation & Objectification
  • Module 7 - Noble Healing
  • Module 8 - Human Animal / Human Spirit & “Enough”
“I am so excited to be teaching this information and I KNOW, WHOLEHEARTEDLY, that it is here to change your life, just like it has mine. This is the most original content I have ever come across. This material saved my life... I know it will for you too.” ~ Jennifer McLean

Transformation # 2 - Chakra Healing Sound Vibration

(Retail Value $247)

Move Into Transcendent Physical & Emotional Healing Through the Chakras...

You may know Jennifer McLean as the Host of the celebrated Healing With The Masters Series. What you might not know is the reason she is such an amazing host... It’s because she has the unique talent of tracking energies AND healing through sound.

In fact, for more than 22 years, Jennifer McLean has been working with clients to move them to heights of clarity, healing, abundance and all forms of transformation through her own proprietary system of healing called Spontaneous Transformation.

Her system interacts with her advance training and integration of sound healing.

In this program, you will receive Jennifer’s rarely offered profound tonal healing, plus 7 soul songs, 7 crystal bowl healings AND 7 Spontaneous Transformation sessions for each chakra.

For each of the 7 chakras, you receive her powerful customized sound vibrational clearings, healings and transmogrifications that are intricately integrated into each chakra session.

All accompanied by powerful, quantum healing through Jennifer’s own chakra-oriented Spontaneous Transformation sessions.

These 7 Transformational Chakra Clearing Tonal Healings & Soul Songs with special Spontaneous Transformations are here for you to now move you into a precise balancing and healing.

A healing that addresses the emotions, the organs, the endocrine system, the archetypes, colors and sounds of the soul through the chakras.

PLUS, for each chakra, Jennifer delivers a special prayer version with chakra balancing words played in the background of the soul songs.

You are about to be supported in remembering who you are…

Sense the moment as you let the sound vibrations of these healing tones and music wash over you, fill you, and nudge your cells into vibrational remembrance.

Feel yourself being cleansed to the purest levels of boundless prosperity, harmonious relationships, and vibrant health and new orders of divine resonance to create a life of peace, grace, health well being and joy.

Yep, even JOY, is possible when you are balanced.

When the systems of the body are disrupted through energetic obstacles, old beliefs and caked-on trauma, the body cannot come into alignment and is weakened.

However, when the body is aligned, its natural healing abilities are sparked and revitalized, creating strength and vibrancy.

What’s Included:

  • 7 sets for seven chakras of audio products (Includes Channeled Transformational Sound Vibration Soul Songs / Tonal Healings & Spontaneous Transformation Sessions)
  • A 15-minute Spontaneous Transformation session for each Chakra (7 full sessions)
  • The Soul Song and Tonal Healing on its own for each chakra (7 separate pieces of music)
  • A powerful prayer version of the music with “statements from the heart,” Ho’oponopono prayers and a archetypal set of descriptions imbued with the sacred energy of each chakra
  • A special, quick-healing chakra melody of "Do a Deer"
  • For a total of 22 tracks of channeled healing

All the chakra soul songs and tonal healing pieces of sound vibration transformational music follow the same channeled and healing rhythm– Jennifer simply listened within until she heard the melodies and started singing with the chakra crystal bowls toned for each chakra.

As she felt the energy-focused frequencies of each chakra, the melody came forth and you will now be guided on this melodic journey to chakra balancing.

Each piece is truly a journey to the heart of your chakras.

Watch This Amazing Video

You can see what sound does to the rice… turning it into spontaneous mandalas.

NOW, imagine what the healing your chakras will experience with energetically-encoded sounds that MATCH THE CHAKRAS highest healing tones.

Transformation # 3 - Healing Spontaneous Transformations for Abundance, Physical Healing, Heart Healing & More

 (Retail Value $247)

Move Into Your Heart Manifestation, Plus Healing The Pain Body, AND Discover Your Divine Body Blueprint...

Planet of the Heart Manifestation Session:

Item 1 of This Spontaneous Transformation Series delivers a powerful “Planet of the Heart Manifestation Session”

Your Heart Space is the creative center of your Divine self.

Prepare to be taken on a journey into an honest and beautiful world where nothing is held back and everything can be released.

Join Jennifer and experience this world from a perspective of manifestation and overcoming the perceived obstacles that can come up at any point.

It’s easy to feel concerned about money, the outcome of everyday life, fear in general, and just get overwhelmed when things grow to be more difficult than anticipated. As Jennifer explains in this healing session, when you move into the Heart Space or Sacred Chamber, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish.

See the sheer beauty in this journey to the planet of the heart – where it is easy to move into the heart and where ALL manifestation and creation comes from.

You dive deep into this experience and embrace what it feels like to truly know YOU. Open your arms and welcome the sensations and complete experience of being in the deepest chambers of the sacred chamber: Your Sacred Heart.

You then get the gift of Out-Picturing.

Out-picturing is the practice of literally seeing your goal and setting a lasting, POWERFUL intention for those visions.

From money and abundance to health and even a great and powerful sense of wealth, you get to feel the energy and flow of this possibility, and play with all of it!

AND, you even get to play with Jennifer through the release of soul songs. Music has the ability to take you from the mind and bring you into the heart.

Say “YES!” to letting go, put your hand on your heart, and bring your attention to the moment of now. With your attention in the center of your being, you touch what matters and can see through all that no longer serves you.

This is a HUGE opportunity to grow through honest attention and appreciate all that you are.

You are about to...

  • Start living from the heart.
  • Learn how to return there every day.
  • Bring your attention into your Divinity.
  • Embrace your “I Am.”
  • Experience your powers of manifestation.
  • Fully FEEL a fulfilled life of possibility.

The Pain Body:

Item 2 of This Spontaneous Transformation Series creates a sacred space to explore, honor and release “The Pain Body.”

Have you ever felt that you DESERVE more than you are receiving?

Have you wondered why life wasn’t moving according to your plan?

Do you feel a distance or separation between your spiritual and physical selves?

If you feel a tugging on those heart strings and a longing for more, you are in the right place. This session brings you back to the basics and harmony of true WHOLENESS.

By settling into this session with Jennifer, you discover the beauty of getting in touch with an aspect of your physical body that manages the processes of this world... The “pain body.”

The Pain body is a place that, in a protective stance, can stop true authenticity and the kind of vulnerability that creates power.

Through this session, you will discover the power of interacting with this Pain Body to create exquisite releases.

...Opening to a sense of confidence and presence that you may not have previously thought was possible.

When you allow your self to be with this aspect, miraculous things come to the surface.

You will discover a new perspective and knowing, that everything in your life is the result of what must be and was, in fact, Co-CREATED by YOU.

Your world is about to be opened to the potential of your true power and the role you’re playing.

See the boundaries of the pain body and witness directly your limiting beliefs, THEN allow the guidance from Jennifer and the present healing energies to support you in personally releasing them.

Embrace the honesty and beautiful gift of sharing on this call and:

  • Reach a new level of you.
  • Find answers to your own pressing questions.
  • Discover the subconscious conditionings that hold you back.
  • Release long-held beliefs that don’t serve you.

Through this healing process, you are about to love the life you’re living.

The Divine Body Blueprint Experience

Item 3 of This Spontaneous Transformation Series shows you one of the most powerful healing devices created for perfect health, alignment and wholeness: “The Divine Body Blueprint Experience”

This is such an exciting moment... you are about to See your body as if for the first time.

By experiencing this workshop, you get to see your physicality through a new pair of eyes.

Become like an infant and allow your old world and previous perceptions of Self to fall away.

Imagine rewriting your day-to-day and begin to REALLY feel.

There are so many parts to this life that can get in the way of our self-embrace and self-love. Ultimately, they push us to believe false-truths about who we are and how we function.

This workshop will assist you in feeling, sensing and experiencing the moment just prior to conception. Bringing a new conscious awareness and awakening to the power you brought to this lifetime.

A power that once again ignites in your consciousness a renewal of purpose, health and well-being.

You will come out of this session knowing your body and having no reason to believe that you are anything but the perfect YOU.

All of the choices you made prior to conception were custom designed BY YOU to help you grow and to shape your spiritual body.

Every experience of that is a new point of knowing and growth.

This lifetime was designed FOR YOU and BY YOU and is truly a special one.

Are you ready to evolve and shift into a state of BEING and KNOWING the AMAZING being that you already are?

Sense your eyes opening to all that you were before you entered this life, then apply the growth and experience you’ve gained thus far.

Your Divine blueprint is here to help you along this path and, with a little help, there’s nothing you can’t do once it’s back in your hands.

You will be awakened to understand how to confidently control and manifest your Divinity in this present life AND know, in a consciously awakened state, that you are here for a reason.


If you are ready to have a new body and watch it develop into the Ascension Body, use this program to get there. Your life will never be the same!

Transformation # 4 - Healing Soul Threads

 (Retail Value $127)

Hear your soul’s inner song, your deep soul patterns...

Imagine your life when every minute of every day offers comfort and a beautiful sense of knowing. This offer takes you into your sacred space and allows you to do just that.

Get ready to hear your soul’s inner song; the deep soul patterns that, when unlocked, open you to your tremendous potential...

You are about to embark on a remarkable journey to your soul’s pattern, to know it, observe it, acknowledge what your soul is playing with in this lifetime.

Jennifer will guide you to your “soul thread patterns” and have you tug the threads to release, re-align and transmute into ease, grace and joy.

When we can clearly see what it is we came here to play with, even if it is conceptual, life shows up in new and magical ways.

Through this remarkable program you will be able to:

  • Cope with what life shows you -- manage the stresses and perceived challenges as you know, see and play with them through the eyes of your soul pattern.
  • Release the pattern to now have it rathen than it having you -- seeing your patterns show up instead of being surprised by them creates a new sense of ease in your life.
  • Receive physical health, relational and financial healing -- these three patterns are addressed directly with 3 separate audios, showing you these patterns and plucking them to a new state of opening.

This high-vibrating program is a deep, therapeutic and transformational tool that allows you to feel and sense the power that your patterns deliver, FREEING YOU from the pattern to execute it with conscious awareness.

Inventive, creative, powerful, each audio guides you to a place of healing and opening where you can then discover the gifts of your soul thread patterns.

Each audio also includes Jennifer’s renowned sound vibration Soul Songs in flute and voice, adding high-vibrational frequencies of transformational energies to assist on your journeys.

These sessions are imbued with high-frequency encoded energies that nudge your 3-dimensional cellular structure into remembering your soul thread patterns and enlivening them to be a new creative force of your empowerment.

Imagine right now...

  • Having peace when life’s waves crash at your door.
  • Discovering your life’s patterns, using them to transmute, transform and open to a new evolved expanded YOU.
  • Seeing the clarity and beauty of your passion and the freedom it delivers.
  • Finding your financial, relational and health patterns resolving into new frequencies of possibilities.


CAN YOU FEEL IT? Yep... That is YOUR SOUL calling you.

Jennifer has poured herself into the workshops that make up this offer just so that YOU, the Divine being of Love and Light that you are, can manifest as you were designed to.

Progress past the limitations and perceived boundaries of this life and blossom into the miraculous individual you have always been.

These tools are ENCODED WITH THE HIGHEST VIBRATIONS and are only available RIGHT HERE at such an amazing discount. They’re all yours for personal transformation – take full advantage.

Move into your birthright; into your abundance, health, love, and the life that you chose so many years ago.

Click on one of the MP3 or CD options below and embrace your Divine possibility. A $968 value!

Value: $968.00 Your Clearance Package Includes: 7 Chakra Audio Set (22 tracks), 9 Understand Men With Jenn Audio Set, 3 Healing Spontaneous Transformation Workshops, 3 Audio Set of Soul Threads Life Purpose & Healing


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About Jennifer McLean:

Jennifer McLean is an internationally acclaimed Healer, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Edge Pusher, and Transformational Change Agent. She is the creator of the renowned “Spontaneous Transformation Technique,” creating instant transformation and healing. Her new book “Spontaneous Transformation - 7 Steps to Coping & Thriving In Extreme Times" releases April 26, 2016. Jennifer is also the producer of the multimillion dollar Healing With The Masters online media franchise (that has reached over 700,000 over 15 seasons). This series continually features renowned leaders in new thought, spirituality, and wellness, including New York Times bestselling authors and Oprah Winfrey Show guests such as Arianna Huffington, Vanessa Williams, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Neale Donald Walsch, don Miguel Ruiz, Marianne Williamson, James Redfield, Ram Dass, and James Van Praagh among others. She is the designer of the hybrid business coaching / personal development program Living Your Success Signature Business that defines a new paradigm of “business-from-the-heart.” Jennifer incorporates healing paradigms that address the inner game with sound business strategies. The business part of that Success Signature program is the Credibility Branding system which she used to help launch Yahoo Canada in 1995, the USB flash drive industry in 2003, and a whole new genre of personal development media in 2008. Jennifer's books (5 in total) and programs deliver deep transformational healing to all who participate. Her entrepreneurial clients receive access and activations to their gifts and purpose, while receiving proven business strategies to do what they love and make a difference on the planet.