Soul-Brightening Transformational Chants

Consciously expand within minutes, simply by listening to beautiful music!

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Are you ready to expand into greater conscious awareness, welcome higher vibrations and shift into a new, more peaceful state of being - all just by listening to beautiful music?

Jennifer is ready and excited to take you on an expansive, heart-opening journey into communion and connection with your deepest self.

You can plug these chants into your iPod when you're getting ready or even play them in the car on your way to work and shift into a more profound relationship with you in any moment.

Shift your mental state in minutes!

It only takes a few minutes of listening to transport you to a new place of peace, calm and overflowing joy.

Join Jennifer on this playful journey into a beautiful co-creative dance.


Item 1 Awakening Healing Chants - Sound Vibrational Healing Soul Chants

Available as MP3 Download (Retail Value $67)

Jennifer has created the most joyous set of inspirational chants, designed to enliven your soul and awaken your spirit.

Jennifer has moved into a new domain of sound vibration with music and lyrical chants encoded with healing energies to move you into your expansion. And she made the move just for you.

Each sound vibration chant offers high vibrational musical ditties to open your being to its authentic & Divine soul potential.

The beautiful melodies combined with sacred energetically-infused words help you dance, sway and simply meditate into a deeper, more expansive state of being.

You will be blown away by these healing chants that transport you to your highest expansion...

...and will just make you feel darn good!

Your 10 Soul Chants Include:

Item 2: Doe a Deer Chakra Healing Melody

Available as MP3 Download (Retail Value $67)

This VERY special chakra healing melody offers you the opportunity to listen in (even if all you have is a minute or two) and begin to heal and re-balance your chakras.

This track is completely channeled, into one take with the intention of healing the chakras held firmly and strongly in Jennifer's heart.

Imagine spending just a minute or two, wherever you are, to bring harmony back into your being and better prepare yourself for everything that’s to come.

WOW, right?!

Jennifer tapped into her healing disciplines and applied it to this music so that you might have the ultimate benefit and boy, can it be felt. Listen to this heart-centering track and experience the power of a balanced being within minutes - THEN, pair it with your normal chakra-balancing routine to achieve a completely new perspective on what it means to be in harmony.

OMG we are SOOO excited for you to experience Jennifer’s sound vibration series as her beautiful voice, full of high frequency codes, moves you to your greatest self. Take advantage of this opportunity to completely shift your mental state and join Jennifer on a playful journey into your own expansion, today!

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Jennifer McLean

About Jennifer McLean:

Jennifer McLean is an internationally acclaimed Healer, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Edge Pusher, and Transformational Change Agent.

A recognized trained healer in many modalities, McLean is the creator of The Body Dialog system, an innovative technique that helps individuals shift withheld energy in the body to successfully liberate themselves from various ailments and heartaches. She has also built an expansive repertoire of her own sound vibration Soul Songs, musical arrangements containing unique tonal sound vibrations that promote profound healing.

She is a force and leader in the human potential / personal growth movement, through her Healing With the Masters Workshop series. Jennifer produces and host the world’s largest and free online workshop series, that attracts a global audience of 500,000 plus, with New York Times bestselling authors and Oprah Winfrey Show guests including Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Ram Dass, James Redfield, Neale Donald Walsch, and Marianne Williamson among others. Delivering powerful and provocative conversations supporting fiercely optimistic insights that inspire and uplift, this series reaches an international subscriber base across 200 countries.

Along with her book, The Big Book of You, McLean has also authored, The Credibility Factor and has been featured in Joe Vitale’s bestselling book The Key; Joyce Schwarz’s The Vision Board Book; and Keith Leon’s Who Do You Think You Are?

This year, she will release two new books, Healing Conversations - Listening To The Messages of Your Body, Soul & Spirit and The Crazy Making People - Identifying & Overcoming The Insanity-Creating Manipulative and Empathy-Lacking Narcissists In Your Life.

McLean lives in Orange County, California. For more information, visit