Mastering Changes in 2012 & Beyond - An Astrological Guide for Each Sign

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This is BRAND NEW material that breaks down the barriers in your life and brings you into the deep, meaningful experiences you were born to live. Know the YOU of 2012 and BEYOND and begin living the life you were destined for.

In this unique audio you will learn what your personal sign is here to do

  • Are you aware of and prepared for the amazing shifts that are occurring RIGHT NOW?
  • Do you know how these shifts directly affect you, your state of mind, your past, present and your future?
  • Have you felt the changing tides and wondered what was happening?
  • Imagine understanding how your own sign, how your friends and families personal astrological signs are being influenced by the energies of this year

Through this powerful and transformative experience with Elizabeth Jones you are receiving the insights to dive into you and awaken to the higher aspects of your Self. Take a step back and gain a new perspective into this year of 2012. This is a time of miraculous growth and beautiful evolution, soul growth, and personal transformation. Maximize your potential and take full and beautiful advantage of the time that lies ahead.

Let go of the old to awaken and welcome the new.

In order to truly grow, we have to let go of the things that no longer serve us. As Elizabeth takes you on a captivating journey into the depths of your own potential, open to the RELEASE of EVERYTHING THAT NO LONGER SERVES YOU. She makes it so incredibly simple to turn your focus inward and really get to know what makes you tick.

Literally discover the version of you that serves you most. How cool is that?

Open to this amazing turning point and join Elizabeth as she gives you an overview of the planetary shifts occurring RIGHT NOW – some of which haven’t happened in several decades!

THEN, take advantage of her absolutely invaluable
personal guidance into your own sign.

This process and this conversation is the beginning of a process that will affect your life over the course of the NEXT TWO YEARS. This is your chance to really embrace your soul’s agenda over the course of the coming years.

This conversation enables you to understand you, your loved ones, and EVERYONE YOU MEET on a profound new level. Because you see each sign in its own light, you have the opportunity to know what the changing times are doing in the lives of those around you. If you’ve ever wondered why your closest friend, spouse, father or mother, or acquaintance seemed to shift without warning, this conversation opens your eyes to a new world of potential.

By understanding your astrological sign you can see the daunting challenges fall away and:

Gain the energetic support to tackle ANYTHING

Make the most of the new insights

Connect your conscious mind with your higher mind


Awaken to your beautiful and miraculous potential!

Your time is now. 2012 is YOUR YEAR.
Face the challenges in your life with grace and ease and embrace the growth and expansion that leads you into YOU.

This entire process is centered around awakening to your own uniqueness. We all have a divine purpose on this Earth; have you discovered yours?

Never has this piece of life-changing material been offered in this way. This key to your personal treasure chest is available as an MP3 download for the unbelievable price of $37. That’s right, you can have it all, know where you’re going and how to get there, and listen over and over again to multiply the power of this conversation understanding each sign, (and how to respond to the other signs).

You are ready to take the next step.

You are ready to transform.

You are prepared to receive this guidance.

Make this commitment to yourself and
awaken to the most beautiful expression of YOU.

Awaken to the beautiful potential of all that you are MEANT TO BE. Transform your world with the help of these 2012-year energies.

The Astrology of 2012 – BY SIGN: Learn What Your Sign Is Here to Accomplish - MP3 Download $37 ADD TO CART

About Elizabeth Jones:

Astrologer Elizabeth Jones brings you three decades of experience as an extraordinary guide to the stars. She gives you tools, insights and guidance regarding how the stars and movement of the planets influence your life and delivers these insights based on her deep knowledge of metaphysical and spiritual subjects.

These are powerful times of change and transformation. The information that Astrology offers, when based soundly in the principles of metaphysics, is like a series of pathways that assist you to better understand the cosmic forces that influence you along your journey and progress toward fulfilling your soul’s purpose.

Elizabeth has studied astrology and metaphysics since 1964, as a young teen. Her mentor, first teacher, and paternal grandfather, Ralph Jones, studied astrology, metaphysics and theosophy since the 1920s. He had a profound, even life-changing influence on Elizabeth and helped to set her on her life path as both a seeker and teacher. She is able to apply a vast knowledge base of information and life experience to any situation and always sheds a light of clarity that opens the world to new realms of possibility.