Jennifer is delivering her brand new 7 Audio series..

"Imagine... simply listening to these Transformational Chakra Sound Vibration Audios and feeling the resonance created within your body as it shifts into new levels of balance and release...

7 Transformational Chakra Clearing Tonal Healings and Soul Songs with special Body Dialogs for each chakra PLUS a special prayer version with chakra balancing words in the background...

... all available to help you remember who you are... let the sound vibrations of this music wash over you and fill you, and nudge your cells into vibrational remembrance back to the purest levels of Boundless Prosperity, Harmonious Relationships, and Vibrant Health .

Jennifer McLean
20-year healer offering her own Body Dialoging, and Sound Vibration Soul Songs

With the healing energies of this channeled music, you can create balance and harmony in your body at the cellular level to allow in the life you want.

THEN you receive 7 full 15-minute body dialoging sessions with chakra tones and crystal bowls in the background creating a force of powerful release of obstacles to your dreams.


Imagine using the unique combination of music and sessions  that shift you to the point that what you want just shows up elegantly and with ease (and, of course, the juicy life adventure that accompanies it)-- that is what is possible... just listen to the samples of this channeled music:

The first sample is of the Heart Chakra Soul Song and Tonal Healing.

Jennifer went into the studio, brought her attention to the essence of the heart chakra, and simply sang while the crystal bowl for the heart chakra played in the background.

This is all completely channeled, done in one take, with the intention of the chakras held firmly and strongly in Jennifer's heart.

Jennifer used her healing disciplines and applied it to this music-- it is found in each note.

KNOW that there is both harmony AND dis-harmony in this music...

Dissonance is an important part of channeled transformational


First Chakra:

Heart Chakra:

Quick Chakra Healing "Do a Deer":

music. The moments of dis-harmony help you to shift into a new way of being to move you into a new vibration...

"The brief moments of channeled dissonance found in this music is beneficial. It prompts the body to find its way back to balance and harmony, gently pushing the body and the cells to search for new levels of health and wholeness." ~ Jennifer

All the chakra soul songs and tonal healing pieces of sound vibration transformational music follow the same channeled and healing rhythm--  Jennifer simply listened until they heard the melodies and started singing with the crystal bowls for each chakra.

Jennifer even felt the energies in the moment of these healing vibrations, feeling the energetic focused energies of each chakra and the melody came forth and guided them on this melodic journey to chakra balancing.

This music has been scientifically proven to strengthen the body... it realigns the body's energy shifting it into rejuvenation and vitality.

When the systems of the body are disrupted through energetic obstacles, old beliefs and caked on trauma, the body cannot come into alignment and is weakened. However, when it is aligned, the body's natural healing abilities are sparked and take over revitalizing and creating strength and vibrancy.

Jennifer was both blessed and surprised at the twists and turns the music took and was enlivened in the moment by what came forth.

Each piece is truly a journey to the heart of your chakras.


AND, in addition to the channeled healing music, there is a track for EACH chakra where Jennifer guides you on a 15-minute body dialog session. There are seven full body dialog sessions for each of the seven chakras. Her soothing and healing voice takes you deep, moving you to new places of understanding and vibrational resonance with the wholeness that is you.

(These sessions are the same as experiencing seven different and unique sessions with Jennifer, and are valued in the hundreds of dollars.)

She guides you to a feeling sense of what it is to be in complete opening for each chakra, and helps you to, in turn, release any old traumas, holdings and issues for each chakra. Jennifer's work goes beyond the bounds of meditation journeys, offering a true soul excavation and healing, clearing away the old debris, and opening you to the truth of who you are.

Body Dialog SAMPLE:

Her Body Dialog sessions also lead you into the chakra soul songs and tonal healings, and they allow you to open even more to the transformational sound vibrations offered in this channeled music.

Ho'oponopono,  HeartThought and Chakra Essence Versions:

Also, each chakra audio sets comes with the tonal healing and soul song on its own, the 15-minute Body Dialog session AND a special version of the music with a prayer behind it offering statements from the heart (c/o Mary A. Hall), Ho'oponopono prayers and a descriptional essence of each chakra.

This prayer version powerfully guides you to deeper levels of shifting using word, intention, and the channeled transformational healing music as a combined catalyst for change.

PRAYER: Ho'oponopono, HeartThoughts, and Desciptional Essence of Each Chakra SAMPLE:

Here is what is included in each audio package:

Nowhere else can you find the depth of healing, the dissonance AND the harmonies that will lead you to yourself... all you have to do is listen to these transformational tracks-- the channeled music and body dialog sessions.

  • 7 sets, for seven chakras of audio products (more than 22 tracks of Channeled Transformational Sound Vibration Soul Songs / Tonal Healings and Body Dialog sessions)

  • Each Audio Set has:
    • A 15-minute Body Dialog session for each theme (7 full sessions)
    • The Soul Song and Tonal Healing on its own for each chakra (7 separate pieces of music)
    • A  powerful prayer version with statements from the heart (c/o Mary A. Hall), Ho'oponopono prayers and a desciptional essence of each chakra
    • A special quick healing chakra melody of "Do a Deer"
    • For a total of 22 tracks of channeled healing


A Total Retail Value of $259...

Jennifer's Body Dialog sessions are $275 each, her customized Soul Songs are $400 each and her Tonal Healings are over $100. But, Jennifer is only charging $37 per CD for this Channeled Transformational Sound Vibration Soul Songs / Tonal Healing and Body Dialog sessions.

For this special offer, it is yours for
the all-time low price of...

Mp3 Audios
YOURS for ONLY $147!

CD Set
YOURS for ONLY $167!

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