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Sunday January 13:

Our first 13/13 Prayer Circle was BEYOND energizing. Together, we co-created the space to collectively shift into the newness of ALL that surrounds us and appreciate ALL of life’s happenings.

We saw and held each other in our Divinity and felt gratitude for every aspect and expression of our lives – even those that we may not be enjoying right now.

Through journeying within, we accessed one another, came into unity, and connected to what is here right now, embracing that – whatever it is, it is here FOR us. And we need IT and each other to expand.

We tapped into and prayed for those in our lives who have co-created perceived “conflict” and realized that every single solitary thing, person, situation within our purview is here FOR us, for YOU.

Together we held a space of compassion for all those who are working things out and observed their judgments, upsets and non-forgiveness of themselves. And we were ALL wrapped in a blanket of love and infused with the light of the Divine.

We focused on our loved ones and noticed their remarkable lights as they expanded. We noticed their upset and looked at them as the Divine would, from soul vision, and we sensed a Divine dance unfolding for each individual.

For every being on this planet, there is something greater than what we can see from our three-dimensional perspective. From the mind, it looks like upset - but when we observe & honor courage in appreciation of the full expression of life, love and wholeness unfolds. And, we fight for our divinity instead of our limitations.

A situation/occurrence doesn’t have to be anything more than what it IS… A point of access to determine what you are feeling, why you are feeling it, and if it’s yours, theirs, or just you standing in the gap for all of humanity.

As light worker catalysts, we have an amazing power to discern when, why and how we are “triggered.” Perhaps there is a new way of experiencing another or oneself in the perception of “conflict.”

Perceiving life with new eyes of possibility can change a nuance of energy that impacts and spreads to all of humanity.

Wow.. The profound energies of this prayer circle have been captured and these healing and powerful group energies are available to you on the replay... And be sure to join us for our next Prayer Circle on February 13th.


Wednesday February 13:

The energy on our second 13/13 Prayer Circle was ASTOUNDING!

Our collective guides, allies and angels co-created with us the space of gratitude, allowing and appreciating the dance of life.

We tapped into our I AM energy and our individual divine mastery as we guided transformation to move through our entire being and go exactly where it's needed.

We journeyed within and noticed the places in our bodies where tension may be present and, as we asked for a healing, we were overcome with tremendous healing energy. We felt its movement, transmogrification, transmutation, and transformation. The energetic opening, possibility and flow moved through every cell in our bodies and reminded us of the divine light that we are.

The energy became so big and powerful as the prayer progressed, that the whole group co-created a sound vibration through a flute and voice soul song that I offered to support these profound healing frequencies, which are present among and within us. After the soul song, we noticed how our places of tension are miraculously not so tense anymore, but replaced with space, guiding us to anew.

Then we shifted focus onto our friends, loved ones and, yes, even those we may not like. With appreciation, we observed and saw each of their lights and their sacred chambers. We noticed their tremendous divinity, flow, possibility and light present within... even those we may not like.

We sensed a greater unfolding happening that we cannot understand through our human perception, but that each individual's experience is a divine, perfect, unified, holistic dance. We held space for allowing their grief, upset, anger and maybe even devastation.

We moved our attention to hot spots on the planet and focused on the points of upset and devastation - from natural disasters to violence and cruelty, we united to shine our collective light on every single being that is present or effected by these events. And although we may not understand what appears to be craziness and upset, we know that when we send light, divinity is expressed and that is what expands. Because in the presence of light, nothing can survive.

No matter the image before us, there is nothing amiss or broken... ever.Everything is constantly unfolding, so nothing is wrong. Life unfolds, transforms, transmutes and, in every moment, we have an opportunity to acknowledge it with gratitude and love and know that light will be created from the "upset."

Wow... The profoundly healing energies of this prayer circle have been captured and these healing and powerful group energies are available to you on the replay...


Wednesday March 13:

What a profoundly inspiring, energizing, heart-opening experience for our third 13/13 Prayer Circle.

Through group intention and affirmation, we tapped into our individual and collective infinite, divine fields of knowing, allowing, compassion and acceptance. In this sacred, fortified, vibrational resonance of possibility, we experimented with those who seemingly attacked us and those who we feel we need protection from.

We observed our "attackers" and their sacred chambers. And, even though it may be dim or hidden, we noticed and focused on their light. As we observed their light from our powerful stance of knowing, allowing, compassion and acceptance, we shared our light with them and understood from our soul place that they are doing the best they can - even if it doesn't appear so. The more we observed their light, the more it expanded as did our own.

In this place of powerhouse possibility, fear becomes just a notice that something is coming up. We can prepare for what comes up by not protecting, but by tapping into the knowing, allowing, compassion and acceptance that heightens our being and power.

We inculcated the energy signatures of knowing, allowing, compassion, acceptance, and love into our beings through a special flute and voice soul song and brought this high energy matrix to those we love and, optionally, those we might not love so much. We observed their beautiful light, appreciated and acknowledged their life and individual expressions of the divine. We prayed for those who appear dysfunctional and saw the divine dance in everyone.

We embraced those with illness along their friends and families, enveloping these individuals with love, light and cherishing adoration. We tapped into the notion that illness actually assists in transformation to possibility of new solutions, perceptions, receiving, support networks, groups, new friends and that there is not one body betraying its soul partner. Whatever's occurring is FOR them and, as we honor that, there is an expansion in their being to make possible the energetic healing that is here. Whatever it is, is perfect.

Through the co-creation of a second soul song, we focused on all those for whom we prayed and cleared all fields of old resonant energies no longer needed. We felt and sensed these energies dissipate, transmute and transform all over the planet. What a tremendous gift for everyone...

We then shifted our focus to those souls around the globe seeking energy and even those who think they don't want it or need it. We vibrationally brushed them all with love, reminding them of the light they are. We shifted focus to hot spots on the planet, observed lower vibrating energies and darkness and sent our light, allowing love, abundance, harmony to expand for divine unfolding within every event. Even in horror, there is an unfolding we can't see or comprehend in our three dimensional world. From the soul perspective, we can change the events by sending light, love, compassion, gratitude.

We closed with acknowledging the Catholic community and connecting with their hearts through the heart of this new pope and the beautiful connection to St. Francis.

What a highly-energizing, purifying prayer circle this was. Thank you to everyone who joined and contributed their beautiful energy for everyone's expansion.

The energies on this call have been captured and these healings and powerful group energies are available to you on the replay...


Saturday April 13:

By feeling into appreciation for all, we broke up lower vibrating, limiting energies and allowed love to enter in and take over for our fourth 13/13 Prayer Circle.

Our collective intention of moving every being on the planet into the place of expansion manifested a powerful group energy in support of everyone who is a leader, allowing all to move into their place of leadership and seeing those, who have already assumed their leader roles, in the light.

We held space of being in precise flow and tapped into our laser-focused energy as individuated aspects of the divine; Each of us is a thread in the tapestry of life, a soul of light. We tapped into this light and felt it, realizing we play our part simply through living, breathing, and just being. Even in the darker moments, it’s all divinity.

Journeying into the core of our soul’s light - our sacred chamber, we embraced self, aligning and centering the body and our chakras. As this soul light filled our entire being, we saw and felt our individual divine frequencies, which are different from everyone else's on this planet.

Each of us is a perfect piece of thread in this divine tapestry of life, allowing the divine part of you to be expressed. So, allow what’s happening to be fully experienced. Even things that appear uncomfortable or not fun are all part of tapestry and threads of you... All aspects of you that are being fully supporting, loved in every moment of your life.

A flute & voice Soul Song assisted us in feeling our divine tapestry and the life that shows up as light in its full expression from the lowest to highest. We received this expression of us in this very moment and witnessed our life in a place of ease, grace, possibility, light, and divine support with all our guides and arc angels present.

In this sacred space, we moved our attention and intention to leadership. We acknowledged all leaders who are saying yes and moving forward - some with quiet leadership, some on large platforms. There is nothing small about leadership in the love of the divine, only bright beautiful light that is you. Each one of us is on the cutting edge of leadership in one form or another, creating new vibrational possibilities, a container for divine on this planet.

We shifted our focus to all leaders on the planet [those of countries, companies, groups] and saw within them their light. We witnessed the calling in them that may have gotten distorted and honored the original nudge that brought them into leadership.

Our vibration of the divine was so high, we simply appreciated the light of those we brought forward and looked at as not leading in a very good way, perhaps disharmonizing things, or lacking in leadership. We honored the vibration of upset and uncomfortable emotions, allowing and fully feeling them all the way through to love and freedom then flow and expansion.

With our soul vision, we can trust the divine unfolding of the events that we can't comprehend because we know they're creating new decisions, ideas, directions in the hearts and souls of those being lead. Acknowledge the courage of all those in our lives who bring dissonance because it is as powerful as the role of love.

We called in our businesses, friends, loved ones, colleagues, co-workers, AND those who are our points of dissonance. We brought all these beings forward into our created field of love and, as they received this energy of possibility, we looked at them and the divine dance unfolding for them and for us.

There is always a beautiful expansion through whatever is happening with these individuals. There is a perfect, divine frequency for all. All events are light showing up in various forms and frequencies. All individuals get to experience the peace and calm that is here for them. No one is misbehaving, nor betraying, nothing is broken and there's no such thing as "obstacle" or "stuck." Those are only coping expressions. There’s really only light as life unfolding.

The dance of life uses dissonance to move back into the place of love. Dissonance creates within us new ideas, actions, decisions. Allowing dissonance stirs up within it the uncomfortable emotions and lower vibrating energies that are ready to be transmuted and transmogrified. It shows up, we are triggered, and when we allow and embrace, we get to the other side of love and freedom then back to this sacred place on a higher level. When we acknowledge occurrences with appreciation, essences of freedom of peace await us. So, allow all of it to be as is. It's all good.

Make sure you catch the powerful energies of appreciation co-created by all on this call. The frequencies streaming forth from this field of love will bring instant harmony and freedom to you and everyone around you.


Monday May 13:

We tapped into the vibrational frequency of appreciation for our fifth 13/13 Pray Circle and created a matrix of healing, abundance, flow, divine understanding, intuition and inspiration.

In unison with each other and our inner master, we manifested a palpable field of love, igniting the divine light in every single person on the planet.

We moved deep into the core of our souls and noticed the Divine stillness and all its threads: joy, love, laughter, abundance, flow, health, happiness, wholeness, contentment, peace, calm.

In this place of stillness, we welcomed our company of heaven and allowed their energies to be present among us. We asked them for an intention and allowed that intention to move in on a cell level as we fully immersed ourselves in its expression and saw ourselves from a higher place.

From this new perspective, we saw areas in our beings that no longer required the old stories that served us and got us to this point. By simply noticing them from our vantage point of appreciation, we were able to release them and open the gates to receiving Divine space, possibility, power, love, expansion, courage, and wisdom.

In the embrace of Divine love and in the presence of our Divine emissaries, guides, allies, arc angels, power animals, and entourage, we asked our company of heaven to share with us our next right action (answer) for fulfilling this intention and trusted that, if the action wasn’t given immediately, it is certainly on its way.

In this place of pure Divine love, we co-created a soul song to inculcate the energies of new expansions and openings as our soul lights moved into our bodies. We felt our posture and chakras align as we were completely held in this Divine hug of love, space, flow, opening, and possibility.

We then spread this light and love to our families and friends and some of us even chose to spread it further to those who give us challenge. As we noticed and appreciated the light of others, they were reminded of their bright light, too, creating a field of possibility for thousands to see their own Divinity.

We turned our attention and appreciation outward, concentrating on our leaders around the planet and the planet, itself. From a human perspective, things seems horrific so we acknowledged that and moved into divine perspective of allowing things to unfold; we know that all the players are exactly where they should be, guiding each of us exactly to where we need to be, even if we don’t understand it.

At the end of our prayer, one of our callers shared with us her incredibly inspiring, motivating, empowering story of her ongoing physical challenge with cancer and we again came together in unison to offer her a noble prayer and embraced her in a radiant field of love, healing, courage, power, and appreciation. Her journey really moved us all and opened our hearts exponentially and made me so, so grateful for this community.

Be sure to tap into all the marvelous energies on this call. You’re sure to experience new understandings, openings and clearings in magnitude.


Thursday June 13:

Our deepest gratitude and a GIANT THANK YOU to Panache Desai for generously stepping in and guiding this mind-blowingly powerful prayer circle in Jennifer’s absence.

What an astoundingly magical planetary shift he co-created as our vibrational guide.

Panache lead us in opening every single vibrational channel in our bodies, moving all forms of stagnation, and standing in the greatest expression of our magnificent I AM presence.

As the universe began to flow through us, we tapped into our infinite beingness, transformed all densities, embodied our illuminated spirit and lovingly embraced all parts of us.

We shifted self-loathing, self-hatred, and judgment and embraced our fears, stresses, worries, anxiety - moving beyond all energies into spaciousness, peacefulness, and presence. We then reflected that luminous energy outward to every man, woman, and child on earth.

Panache helped us disengage from any and all conversations and chatter surrounding our abundance and connected us to the word of spirit, which says, “I’ve got you.” We unlocked our abundance code to manifest exactly what we need and moved into complete trust that everything will appear before we ask.

We shifted our focus to relationships and stepped free of every old relationship and forward into the uncharted territory of greater relationships, divorcing whatever limiting comments that have been said or told to us in the past. We brought all that is within us into total harmony, including the relationship with our self.

“You are not defined by the conversation of others, but by the greater truth of your spirit.”

Vibrating love and light to all of world, we cultivated peace and common unity for self and for all. We focused on those who have suffered, given up, don’t want to be here and, together, we forgave the unforgivable and moved on from that which we seemingly could not.

From this powerful circle of light, luminosity, and truth, we invited this resonance of peace and love to envelop Jennifer and every single human being facing a challenging transformation or having a hard time navigating through a difficult experience.

Holding each and every one in this Divine space, we sent out a collective wave of Divine grace and Source potential, flooding the entire planet. We beamed the fire of love and transformation through our selves and everyone for every area of life – transmuting and transforming until everything was re-birthed into its highest expression.

This one is going to catapult you and all those around you into your Divine awesomeness. Make sure you tap into all the high-vibrating frequencies available to you on the replay…


Saturday July 13:

Together, we co-created a HUGE matrix of love for one of our most powerful prayer circles ever.

We manifested a huge, all-encompassing circle of Divine appreciation and gratitude as we inculcated the high-vibrational frequencies and codes of courage, physical health, well-being, true love and I AM presence.

We moved deep inside our heart space, awakening our own internal healing abilities, gracefully moving through loss and grief while feeling the humanity of it all, and into total appreciation - the ultimate prayer.

From this place of appreciation, we honored and felt our human emotions and allowed for deep understanding and knowing that we are being divinely guided, supported and loved toward new possibilities.

As we hang out together in this field of the unknown and sense the changes afoot, we feel the sacred stillness of the universe that is making its mark and being of service in helping us feel our unique human potential, which matches our divine potential.

We then embraced the realization that anything standing in front of us is an aspect of divinity... There’s only the next step, then the next, then the next. All moments are divine opportunities for expansion and evolution.

We tapped into service and asked, “How may I serve? How may I make a difference in my life and the lives of others? How may I assist? How may I contribute my gifts, my light, my love?”

We could see our Divine I AM service creating the powerful place of opening, expansion, possibility and healing for the planet; not fixing anything, but loving all of it from Divine service.

And although we do not have Divine vision, we allowed ourselves to feel our fullest Divine expression by asking “What would love do?”

In stillness, we felt, sensed and experienced the love expanding from our being simply through being in the possibility of it.

We inculcated these beautiful energies with a powerful soul song then went on to call in loved ones near and far, here and on the other side. Feeling their energies, we shared this beautiful, high frequency Divine love and light with all of them, reminding them that they are loved and their light is seen and felt.

Some of us went deeper, calling in protagonists, too. We honored their journeys and acknowledged that whatever is next for us could not be possible without where we are right now.

We then sent this HUGE blanket of gentleness, sacredness and highest frequencies of soul light out to the whole planet, reminding every being of who they are and allowing them to have a new perception of light to sense the next step of something grander than what is just before us.

The powerful support and love that we co-created on this call broke three-dimensional barriers, embracing souls in physical and spiritual form. Tap into these beautiful illuminating energies that are here for you and yours.


Tuesday August 13:

What a miraculously high-vibrating energy we co-created for our eighth 13/13 Prayer Circle.

We started off by entering our sacred chamber and tapping into our ever-present I AM resonance. We felt the enchanting stillness from this soul point and realized that, in this place of the Divine heart, there are no thoughts here.

It is in this place that we can safely and securely sense, feel and know the duality of our infinite Divinity AND our finite humanity.

We embarked upon a beautiful journey that merged our Divine archetype and that of our three-dimensional human selves, representing the whole and ALL that is. From this place of sacred, handheld partnership, the energies exchanged as our Divine archetype received and transformed all pain, suffering, and old resonant energies. As we opened to fully receive, our human body felt its Divine powerful being of light from the tremendous support and love that poured into our being.

From our human aspect, we noticed that the hand holding ours is actually our own. We moved into the Divine aspect and marveled at our human aspect, feeling absolute Divine love enveloping, honoring, supporting, and healing.

We then manifested a very powerful, soul-focused, soul-partnership soul song, which created a huge moment of expansion, stillness, softness, safety, power, joy, possibility. THIS is all we’ve ever been and all we’ll ever be.

From this remarkable loving place, we asked, "What would love do for ME?" Our own Divine love then came in and washed away the old events and trauma, delivering us to an incredible, sacred, expansive moment. As we completely trusted in the process of what we felt and sensed, we fortified the union between our infinite Divine and finite human as they together claimed, "I AM."

From this platform of Divine love of support for ourselves, we also clearly saw how we can support ALL. We acknowledged that life's adventures and oppression are here for us, loving us, nudging us into asking new questions, lifting us up as we reach for higher ground. Nothing could go wrong EVER – even if it appears to be so. We allow for ALL of it.

As we stood firm in this Divine love, faith, trust and knowing, we called into presence our family and friends and even our protagonists. We saw them before us with healing and love. We saw the light that they are despite the life adventure that have been presented to them. Their light expanded simply because we observed it. As we noticed them noticing their light, we brought attention to appreciation for their dance of life, their challenges and upsets, acknowledging the expansion of their light, which would otherwise not be possible without these adventures. We witnessed their archetypes of divinity and humanity holding hands as their field expanded and they were reminded of the love and I AM that they are.

We thanked our protagonists for their remarkable courage to go through and share their energy with us as we expand a thousand fold because of them.

We acknowledged the beautiful, physical bodies facing health challenges and embraced them as beautiful, three-dimensional partners for our souls' journeys. We held a place of appreciation for the body's ability to be a tuning fork that resonates vibrational frequencies to assist in getting attention to move through.

We honored and sent love and respect to those facing the transition of moving off this planet, reminding them that they are love and light, health and wholeness, balance and alignment.

Then we brought this high-powerful, huge matrix of energy from this Divine platform of love to the places on the planet that require our attention. We focused on areas that seek and require and need our attention, bringing divine love to and acknowledging the light present in these place. We saw the light of the souls playing in these hot spots and the unity of their Divine and human aspects holding hands. There is a Divine unfolding of everything that we can’t possibly see, but from our Divine soul vision, we acknowledge this Divine unfolding and know that the love and light, which is everyone, is here now and always in every situation.

We then brought this beautiful, peaceful loving energy to honor all those who have passed. We honored their journeys of expansion in new dimension and sent tremendous love and honor, thanking them for their journey of love and support and sent love and support right back to them.

The tone of expanded quietness, calmness, deep love and expansion on this prayer circle is extremely palpable. Tap into this one to raise your frequency for you and for all.


Friday September 13:

A field of infinite, powerful, healing energies was manifested on this Prayer Circle and we illuminated the whole planet.

We started by feeling into the moment and sensing the challenges and upsets that we are facing. We acknowledged and embraced them as reminders to move within and feel into the Divine light and love that we are.

Energetically, we held hands and felt the support of each other, as well as the company of heaven, as we brought our attention and intention to the present time and felt and sensed the light, love, opportunity and possibility that is always here. The more we see life adventures as an opportunity to move into the portal of our light within, the more grace is in our life. It's not easy, but very very simple, and we did just that on this call.

Together, we moved into the sacred chamber and became fully present in our expression of light and love, which opened us into the divine stillness that accompanies it. As the Divine light poured through us and infused every physical part of our body, our cells were nudged into remembering the Divine health and wholeness that we truly are.

Divine love, which is part of this light, fully infused every bit us to the point that we saw ourselves only as light. And, as we allowed ourselves to receive more and more light and love, we were elevated by these Divine high-freqeuncy vibrations and even recalled, mentally, the state of being of love and wholeness that we are.

As this sacred space of light and love expanded, this Divine brilliance trickled out to every part of our lives, including our interactions with others and a soul song enhanced the root of this energetic flow to further infuse us with light and become one with love.

We called in our uncomfortable and challenging adventures and moved into them from this place of safe, Divine source energy - which is always here to assist - and noticed the light and love infused in all of it. We called in those beings and protagonists in our lives that might produce results different than from what we prefer and saw and noticed the light and love in ALL of it. As that light and love expanded the more that we noticed it, we understood how everyone, without exception, is doing the best they can and that life is not about a change in them for us to be happy, but that change by remembering the Divine beings that we ALL are makes us happy.

Others notice when we are coming from the place of light and love and, when sharing what we need from that place of light and love, they are honored to receive it.

We also created the space to look at the ways we may have oppressed ourselves and then allowed for gentleness with self. We infused this Divine love and light into that bit of us that has been angry, critical, lacked self love and gently held and used our Divine capacity to love self despite what we think is bad, realizing that the only thing missing in those areas has been this very light and love.

We learned how we can use our human moments and adventures to move back into this vibrant place. We just have to remember to do so and, when we can't easily move from a human moment back into our light, we can move into neutrality. When the major and mini traumas occur, our habitual emotions come up and we can play with notion of moving into "neutral" to move into stillness and build a new template for creating the intention to move back into your light.

We then took this strong sensation of vibrant light and love and field of possibility and called in our friends and family who are seeking light. We honored their light, love, and aspects of Divinity as we watched, noticed, and appreciated them from our soul vision. From this higher, elevated frequency, we saw their light and acknowledged their upset, tragedy, trauma and drama and allowed all the uncomfortable human emotions to be present as part of the release. We acknowledged and appreciated the Divine unfolding that is happening for them among what seems to be challenge or difficulty and know that all is happening for their greater expansion and possibility. By calling them into this light, they get to experience the great expansion and expression of light and love that they are and we thank them for their courage and grace in moving through to what is possible.

We acknowledged those with ill health, thanked the miraculous bodies for being remarkable tuning forks that are playing back what is ready to be explored within this moment. For some, ill health is a transition off the planet and we honor that journey for those whose time is. For others, health challenges are taking them to their next stage of life with new understandings, possibilities, solutions, individuals.

We channeled this field of light farther outward to the leaders on the planet who are seemingly in a dark place. We saw their light, despite the appearance of them being opposite of the angelic beings that they are. Seeing others in light will create the grandest shift in change.

From our greater Divinity, we expanded this light and love to infuse all those in support of those leaders and the victims of this remarkable Divine dance that we cannot understand. But from our divine vision we know that light and love are the only answer in the unfolding that is happening.

We then sent these high frequencies of love, light, healing, joy, peace and grace to Earth, itself, honoring and enveloping her as she just gulped it in and poured it forth to every creature and animal on the planet.

This magnificent field of infinite, powerful, healing love and light streamed from the Divine and through, infusing the entire planet and as our guides supported this entire infusion and watched as our own being became greater than it was just a few moments ago.

All we have to do is be. Just be in the light of remembering.


Monday October 13:

We co-created a field of immeasurable, palpable brilliance for our tenth 13/13 prayer circle.

Through prayer, we celebrated what we have and what's possible, and shared our appreciation for what's showing up. We focused our intention on expansion, self-love, and overcoming pain and fear.

Shifting our focus inward, we felt into the moment, moved into total presence and connected with our I AM presence, anchoring ourselves in Divine safety, health, wholeness, alignment, balance, possibility and flow.

As we sensed and felt our expression of Divinity in this moment, we ascended into a higher frequency, met our higher aspect of soul light, which has never left the Divine aspect of our being, and were reminded of our Divine brilliance as it infused vibrant, expansive light into every aspect of our being and nudged us into a higher new plane of love and light.

As this illuminated expansion accelerated, we shed all the density of our physical bodies and embodied the pure state of powerful yet gentle nothingness.

In this Divine-dimensional place, we were met by our personal guides - who grabbed our hands, squeezed them with love to remind us that we are being supported in and from unseen realms. We acknowledged these "masters" and allowed them to merge with us and show us another state of higher vibrating light through their infinite love and light.

From this higher light and love, we felt aspects of our being as density move towards us in a lighter way, sensing each layer of our being renewed, more luminous and radiating with light and love. We thanked our beautiful guides and recommitted and reconnected to being of service; To serve as Divine serves us. With every breath, we are served and in every breath is possibility.

We then tapped into all the areas of our physical bodies which contain fear and pain and did the H'oponopono to all… We thanked the journey of life for guiding us to this point of being and this very moment.

As we observed the vibrant light in our sacred chamber, we felt and watched ripples of it streaming forth. We brought before us our friends and family with challenges and saw their light and Divine connection. From our elevated, non-three-dimensional perception, we saw all their challenge, upset, and trauma as a Divine dance and greater unfolding of life moving them to a new state with new opportunities for love and expansion. As we witnessed and appreciated their Divinity, their light expanded and they moved into a higher vibrating state of opportunity to connect to their own soul light. There's no separation, just one. All lights are one. And we felt the expansion of light in their being.

Fields of possibilities expanded tenfold within and from the group and our collective light spread to and infused the leaders all over the planet. As they received this high frequency wave of light, we saw their light and sacred chamber. From our sacred place of protection, we understand that their commitment, though appearing chaotic, contains light.

We then poured forth this vibrant energy and love to all the hot spots on the planet, reminding all of their light, expanding their souls as more light moved in and infused humanity. As we give, we are gifted with light coming back, nudging all into remembering the love and light that they are.

As every being illuminated, the light spread to every plant, animal, all kingdoms in the ocean and sky, and the planet itself.

As Divinity moves through us, it infuses us to become points of light to move into and through others, heightening the frequency for all to shift into Divine possibilities.


Wednesday November 13:

We created a massive wave of awakening and powerful pops of new perception with our second-to-last prayer circle of 2013.

By moving deep inside ourselves, we noticed our soul threads and felt and sensed the glorious space known as our sacred chamber.

We allowed ourselves the full experience of our Divine light and called it forth to further feel it and infuse us to the brim.

As we sensed our Divine light's essence of love and asked it to raise our frequency higher, we felt the sensation of being lifted, expanded, ignited.

We manifested a powerful light energy of healing, which triggered a supportive, internal dialog with our bodies that enabled us to fully support and heal any ailments.

Our bodies radiated with gratitude and love - every cell, nerve, artery, organ, and chakra - and we thanked our bodies for bringing us to a new awareness as we began to soar on the wind of gratitude, noticing that this is what flow is and feels like. We allowed this Divine flow into our bodies and realized that, when we have the sensation of gratitude, it fills our wings, raises our vibration and moves us into abundance.

We inculcated these powerful, expansive energies of gratitude with a Soul Song called Wind of Gratitude, then shifted our focus to our friends, family, colleagues, and even our protagonists.

As we saw their sacred chamber and light, we moved to a higher vibration, shined brighter and saw the Divine unfolding in and for everyone. We saw, clearly, light showing up as "life" to nudge all into greater expansion and awakening that might otherwise not be possible.

We sat in the space of complete allowing and compassion for the journeys of all individuals without trying to change them. As Divine light continued to move through us to them and completely infuse them with love and appreciation, we saw and felt the overflow of this radiant light move onto EVERY person on the planet, nudging them into remembering the angelic light that they are.

We then shifted our attention to the dark places on the planet and infused them with our endless supply of light while honoring the dance of life for all as we know it. For we know that when we honor things with compassion, we demonstrate our power to shift them and lessen their effect.

Next, we sent forth this HUGE wave of love to the kingdoms of nature, including mineral, animal, and plant. We honored their journeys and poured forth onto them our powerful frequencies of love, compassion and light, changing the surrounding fields of density and creating new states of possibility.

We then honored those in the Philippines affected by Typhoon Haiyan and lovingly shined our light upon them, sending them love, healing, thoughts of strength and intentions of restoration. We asked them to receive our light and to remember they're not alone.

As we honored all on their journey and thanked every being for their contribution, we sent a warm hug and kiss to every animal on the planet, every child, every individual facing deep loss or grief, then opened ourselves up in this moment of support to send and receive a hug and kiss from each other.


Friday December 13:

We created a massive spherical matrix of appreciation and possibility on this final 13/13 Prayer Circle and opened the entire planet into extreme expansion.

As we focused our attention and intention on appreciating all that has been right this year, we expanded the light of appreciation and possibility, creating space for more to come in deeper, stronger and more expansive.

Moving deeper into the matrix of possibility from our sacred chamber, we sensed and felt the place of power, light, joy, and Divine stillness. From here, we shifted the very energy of possibility within our framework of being and released all old resonant energies that may have been preventing us from fully moving into who we are.

We then journeyed to the patterns of our lives and realized that, as we move through life, patterns exist within a pattern, within a pattern, within a pattern. As we observed our soul patterns from this higher vision, we saw the beauty of the patterns of our life and the knots within the patterns as they unraveled with love. The resulting shifts were as profoundly beautiful as the knots themselves.

As this huge wave of peace and release swept through everyone on the call, we relinquished the need to control our beautiful patterns and chose to let it all unfold as it should, seeing the possibility in everything for all.

The Divine perfection in life's adventures and our amazing life patterns serve a purpose across this planet as we all weave into each other for expansion.

Even those who cause pain and upset hold patterns that nudge all of us into new possibilities. And the remarkable energy of compassion that we co-created on this final 13/13 Prayer Circle enabled us to fully see with tremendous honor the patterns and light of ALL those with whom we come in contact. For even discomfort is part of our soul's incredible adventure.

In that same breath, we observed Source holding the hands of the people we love most and for whom we want the best. We saw the beauty of their dance and became fully aware that they are exactly where they are supposed to be. Their journey is theirs as are their choices. By trusting in their decisions, we demonstrate trust in their Divine soul patterns and know that any influence from us would only interfere with the perfect place in which they are.

We chose to honor and appreciate the experiences of all beings because it is all part of the overall soul pattern. In doing so, we created the space of healing energy to envelop all and sent forth the light of appreciation for the unwavering service and support we receive from Mother Earth and all her creatures.

By allowing for all that is in this very space and time and finding the beauty in all of it, we created a magical divine space, pace, and tempo to prepare us for the miraculous soul patterns that await us in 2014.

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