12 POWERFUL Prayer Circles 
EACH MONTH Throughout 2012

To leverage the numerical significance of "12" and use the powerful forces of 2012 to connect you to the harmonious global plan for humanity and the universe.


Register Below to Participate in all 12 Powerful and Profound PRAYER CIRCLES Designed to Open, Harmonize, and Connect you to the Highest Energies Throughout all of 2012

To establish a foundational core energetic support system for this deep and profound year of 2012, McLean MasterWorks has decided to continue to offer monthly prayer circles open to all who wish to participate.

I was guided to continue these monthly prayer circles and to align them with 2012 by holding them on the 12th day of each month, at 12:00 PM, to create a NEW vortex of energy for individual healings and clearings, increasing the frequencies for you, your loved ones and the planet.

The guidance indicated again and in alignment with 2012 that each of the days that fall on the 12th of each month in this year are miniature energy portals that serve as amplifiers of intention.

We are going to use these monthly amplifiers, add to our group community intentions, and the powerfully contributed prayer energies to further expand this amplification for each of us.

I am excited at the possibilities that will flow out of these prayer circles!

On the 12th day of each month, we will gather as a large group to spread energy to each of us and expand it to our loved ones and the planet as a whole.

Imagine what we can accomplish with a monthly prayer circle that is that large and that focused?

The prayers will also assist you in seeing the light and joy in your life. We will continually focus on what is right and good in all situations. It is a practice that will naturally shift and raise your vibration by the end of the year!

You Are Participating Even if You Miss a Prayer Circle:

Even if you can't catch the live prayer circles each month, not to worry. The energy of each prayer is captured in that moment and will be available to you on the replay. PLUS your participation is part of the expanded prayer, so when you listen later, your energy is captured and becomes part of the expansion.

In order to participate, we are asking for a sliding scale donation. You have the power to choose whichever donation works for you. If you are not able to donate or feel uncomfortable paying anything, simply choose the amount of $0 and you will not be charged at all.

When you register and check out through your shopping cart, we are able to save your information, giving you a seamless transition into each and every prayer circle. The list we compile will be used for all prayer circles so each step in this registration process is an important one.


Well, my accountant has told me that I have to make some changes in the way I am running my business. The overhead for something like this is quite substantial given the numbers. I am hoping you are OK with a nominal donation, so I can cover some of my costs (it cost us on average of $4.50 per person for the 12 calls). If not, don’t worry - just choose the $0 amount and you will not be charged anything.

Remember this is a one-time registration for ALL the prayers circles EACH month of 2012.

I will be putting very specific attention on each person who registers (whether you donate or not!), so you must register (free or with a donation) to receive these energies. Just register below (once for all the calls) then call in or listen to the webcast – we will also have the audios available for you to listen to at your leisure AND download as part of your participation.

If you are joining us late after the first January 12 date or well into the year, no worries… you can still participate at any time within the year. Frankly from an energetic perspective, we "knew" you were joining us, so you have been included in all the prayers AND you can listen to all previous prayers through the downloads. Cool, huh?)


Dates: 12th day of each month, beginning Thursday, January 12, 2012

Times: 12 PM Pacific Standard Time or California/Los Angeles time

Where: MasterWorks Healing Membership Site (you will be sent all the information about where to listen to live calls and the recordings via email)

Cost: Sliding Scale donation Sliding Scale donation (You chose at checkout) OR FREE by choosing the amount of $0 and you won't be charged.


These are so powerful that no matter when in the year you listen the energies are working for you. Last year the healing processes experienced on the prayer circles where SO TRANSFORMATIVE that thousands requested that we create a product -- which we did. So the healing processes you may have missed are on replay and waiting for your attention

So, get ready for a GREAT ride and prepare to receive frequencies and energetic blueprints that you can IMMEDIATELY apply to your life!


If you are having problems with the sliding scale pop up --it should automatically pop up and offer you the sliding scale options (please approve pop-ups for this site). If the pop up sliding scale is not present please instead us the following coupon codes from $0 - $67.12:

To Pay $0 - Use Coupon Code: 1212_$0
To Pay $2.12 - Use Coupon Code: 1212_$2.12
To Pay $12.12 - Use Coupon Code: 1212_$12.12
To Pay $21.12 - Use Coupon Code: 1212_$21.12
To Pay $41.12 - Use Coupon Code: 1212_$41.12
To Pay $67.12 - No need to use a coupon code

Feel into the value exchange for these prayer circles. The value exchange that feels "right" will allow the energies to "stick." If zero feels right then that is the choice, if a higher amount feels right then that is the the appropriate exchange. All is fine.

This ONE-TIME registration will register you for ALL 12 Prayer Circles. By registering today, you will be putting yourself on the list for each of the prayers for the year AND you will be contributing YOUR ENERGY to the prayers for the planet.

I appreciate your minimum donation to cover my costs for this event (it costs us about $4.50 per person), BUT IF YOU DON'T WANT TO, YOU DON'T HAVE TO PAY. Just choose the amount $0 if you cannot or would rather not donate.

We will be in touch shortly and will deliver information about how to participate in these life-changing shows. To ensure you receive the email and to receive all the details, please add [email protected] to your email's contacts or your "white list."